Sunday, August 7, 2011

Evaluate and Re-group, Bring It Monday

At this point I'm going between tears and laughter faster then… toddler.

I cry because I'm exhausted, burnt out, and today my child managed to destroy the entire house and has now decided the phrase “no Conor don't! No!” is the funniest thing he's ever heard. Then I laugh because I'm, fortunately, still able to see the humor in the ridiculousness of life and also because Conor is hella cute even when he's practicing to be the lead screamer in a heavy metal band.

Hey at least he has goals.

I hate those bumper stickers that say “my child is on the honor roll at blah blah preschool.” I hate them because they're bragging, but they're not intimidating. They need to add a little more such as “my child is on the honor roll at blah blah preschool, MY child has goals, MY child is on the fast track, what exactly is YOUR child doing with his life? What are YOU doing? Do you not even care that your roots are showing?” Because then you not only will question your 4 year old's motivation for success but also your own skills at this thing called life.

Yes, today I'm cracking under the pressure in case you couldn't tell. Today the world is one giant bumper sticker glaring me down and questioning my motivation for success. Today I'm cranky.

As exhausting as it is to keep up with someone who has a complete breakdown when he's not allowed to open a cabinet or climb on a couch or eat a stink bug, I do have to admire the raw emotion. No trying to hide, disguise, or bury any feeling. Kids take on every angry, irritated, frustrated, sad, disappointed, excited, happy, whatever that may come at them.

Obviously I'm not going to take this inspiration too far. I know that in most situations it's not appropriate to bite a co-worker when frustrated. But I also know bottling up the bad stuff until it explodes into a grown up sized break down is also no good.

So the End of the Week Deep Thought is this...somewhere between childhood and regret we need to find some kind of a balance to handling our emotions.

I'll be more brilliant next week, once I'm able to remember that coffee does not equate a well balanced meal.

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