Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Of The Ridiculous Nature

In case any extra evidence was needed that I'm losing my mind, I spent yesterday morning searching for my car keys.  It was super fun.  Then I found the ignition of my car.

Obviously I blame the one year old.  I swear I use to be somewhat more sane.

I also seem to recall a time in my life where I was able to carry on a conversation without talking babies.  Now I'm always able to find some casual way of sneaking my son into it, and I honestly don't know what I use to talk about. 

"Oh you completed your master's degree?  That's awesome, did I mention I created life last year?"

"New job?  Yea that's great, did I mention my son can say HI?  Seriously."

Don't worry, I'm working on a smoother transition.

Back to my losing my mind.  I think it's just these past couple weeks.  I recently discovered I have been neglecting personal property taxes on my car (which is worth approximately less than a latte) for a couple years.  I guess I've moved so many times they were having difficulty finding me but last week they caught up with me by sneaking in a little hold on my driver's license.  Nice guys, I appreciate the creativity.  Which, by the way, I found out after spending a good hour at the DMV.  Nothing tops off a trip to the DMV with a bored toddler who's going through his throw-himself-on-the-floor phase like finding out it was a complete waste. 

Sorted out that mess by spending the rest of the day on the phone with several counties treasurer's offices, commissioner's offices, the prime minister, the president of France, etc.  Apparently this state doesn't fuck around when it comes to a couple hundred bucks...

I also have been spending this week doing my new favorite activity, daycare hunting.  I'm about to give up and drop out of school because obviously everyone but me is incompetent when it comes to caring for my child.  Honestly though, how can you really trust a complete stranger, license or no license?  I'll admit I'm going a little overkill here, I've already rejected two people because although everything looked great, they were nice, I'm pretty sure I was getting a bad vibe.  Not positive, but I had a hunch.

Speaking of school, I found out yesterday that when I enrolled for my classes instead of enrolling at the campus I wanted for some reason I enrolled at two different campuses, neither of which are the one closest to me.  Awesome huh?  So now I will be driving an hour and a half to one, then leaving and driving 30 minutes to another one, then driving an hour home. 

And people think I'm exaggerating when I say my life is ridiculous.   


  1. I totally agree! I swear my son gave me baby brain and I also try to sneak him in to casual conversation with other people.
    Finding a daycare must be difficult. I lucked out and I have a baby sitter that I really trust. She was my BFF in high school and my maid of honor at my wedding. He son is 2 months older than mine so they will grow up together.
    That stinks about your school. I'm surprised they didn't mention it to you when you enrolled.

  2. That's awesome that your friend is able to watch your baby! I don't think I even have any friends I would trust with my child.
    And yes, the enrollment things does stink, that's what I get though for enrolling online. I'm not a multitasker obviously:)

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