Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shame Meets A Pot Of Coffee

Obviously I'm as bad a blogger as I was a lesbian, a yogi, a student, a dieter, a non caffeine addict, etc.  However, unlike that whole "ooh I'm going to get in shape and reinvigorate my soul" phase, I've decided to come back to this and give it another go.

Why have I been so horribly neglectful you ask?  Well for starters I realized that going back to school actually entails a lot more effort than sitting at a coffee shop with a pink laptop and purple glasses whilst surrounded by books looking both sexy and studious all at once.  The picture looks more like me sitting on my bed surrounded by overdue assignments, with hair I haven't brushed in 3 days, crying into a red bull watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy and thinking "I should've just gone to medical school.  THEY still look good."  Basically school has been a bigger adjustment than I had anticipated.

Secondly, my baby is no longer a baby.  He is now what I like to call a no saying, attitude rearing, temper tantrum throwing, sugared up bundle of badness.  And I thought keeping up with a baby that cried 24/7 was hard to do.  Ha.  Kid stuff.  This child now has a mind of his OWN.  He doesn't think the world revolves around mommy any more, now he is fully aware that the world in fact revolves around him.  Don't worry though, I'm pretty sure I'm going to survive this.  I'm slowly learning to laugh at the sheer insanity of trying to reason with a toddler.  A toddler with sweet blue eyes, big ol dimples, and a personality ten times bigger than my own to boot.  You cannot negotiate with these unreasonable creatures called toddlers.

Thirdly, I've re-entered the dating world.  Sort of.  Not really.  But there is of course a boy to blame for my blogging neglect.  I find it very comforting that for every problem I have, I can always trace it back to being the fault of some member of the penis clan.  Screw personal responsibility.  Am I getting off track here?  To avoid discussing my relationship?  Of course.  I hate to taint a new relationship by giving life to it by putting it into words.  That's a fancy way of saying I have commitment issues.  That I'm steadily working through!  But I mean come on, what single mom who still vividly remembers the horrors of taking care of a colicky newborn ALONE wouldn't have commitment issues?  Or any single mom for that matter!  I just like to make my situation sound even more tragic obviously by throwing that "colicky" word around.  Trust me, that word invokes fear and pity alike. 
Ok I think I'm out of excuses for my shameful blogging behavior.  I hope you all can forgive me and we can some how move past this.  Thank you and good night!!!!

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